Enjoying the Moment!

Anyone remember what it's like without your phone?? What did we do without a camera to capture 20+ photos of the same thing?

This image is causing a stir on the web. Do you see why? There's one small reason....


Look closer....


This beautiful lady in the front row is the ONLY person in the photo not holding a phone/camera or electronic device to record what she's about the experience. I applaud her! She should inspire us all to put the phone/camera down and enjoy the moment! Actually, I could see her pulling out her point and shoot camera with 24 exposures, pulling it close to her face to take one photo before the festivities, winding the small button at the top and putting it back in her purse, however, she knows that no photo or video can replace the moment. Have you ever recorded the whole concert? Took 1000 photos at your daughter’s wedding? Video recorded your son's whole football game with a winning touchdown? What about all those selfies? We've all done it and we'll probably continue to do it, however, have you ever put the camera/phone down and just enjoyed the moment?! When you recall those special moments in your mind are you envisioning the screen that captured it all or do you remember the actual experience and emotion you felt??

This little lady standing in the front row might have one photo she took before hand, but she'll go back and share her experience through words and emotions and be able to explain this experience better than any photo collage can. Take a moment or two or three and put those devices down... Enjoy the moment!

-- Brenda

Story & Images found: (http://petapixel.com/2015/10/08/woman-spotted-without-phone-camera-out-is-now-an-internet-sensation/)

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